• Halo semuanya,

Sangat menyenangkan berada di sini dan berhubungan dengan Darah Biru.
Jadi, refleksi singkat pada tahun terakhir saya, kemudian saya akan menjelaskan rencana saya untuk tahun 2020.
2019 adalah tahun yang lambat di depan poker. Tahun 18 dan 19 bukan yang terbaik di beberapa bidang yang mungkin merupakan tantangan hidup atau pekerjaan umum. Sayangnya, ini berarti banyak barang ditempatkan di pembakar belakang untuk sementara waktu. Perkembangan aliran kedutan saya terhenti, blog pribadi saya melambat dan waktu di kedua tabel langsung / virtual mundur secara dramatis.
Saya menemukan waktu untuk memainkan beberapa acara dan mencetak Tag lain pada pemikiran Hendon Mob.
Akhir pekan Goliath pada tahun 2019 adalah sorotan saya dan benar-benar berhasil membangkitkan minat saya dan memulihkan kepercayaan diri dan permainan saya. Goliath adalah acara yang saya coba dan upayakan setiap tahun. Pelarian terbaik saya adalah pada percobaan pertama saya dengan finis di tempat ke-22.

This year, we managed to ladder one cash level but then crash out in 825th place in somewhat annoying fashion. With 40bigs going into the hand, we pick up the story on the turn, cards not relevant. I took a moment to check stack sizes and decided to over shove, I have Villain A well covered and Villain B I had decided was drawing and would pass rather than call it off for their tourney life. Villain A takes an age and finally calls, Villain B groans and as expected folds. Cards go on their backs and as they do, Villain A from the back of his stack picks up 2 black chips and moves them forward to the dealer…. The black chips are 100k each. Needless to say, I brought this straight to the attention of the dealer. I lose all but a few bigs, I am eliminated 2 hands later.

Obviously, I reflected on this hand, not so much on the way I played it (That’s a different conversation) but more on just how careful you have to be when checking peoples stack sizes. Online, its easy, live, not always. The error was ultimately mine, I should have asked, and will in the future “any big chips in that stack sir”. The villain in question did, for the next two hands gets told off by the dealer and told to make his stack more visible. – so, as you can imagine, I was left more than a little deflated after a silly, silly mistake.

I also played the High Roller during the Goliath Festival. I fell short of the money by 5 places in a horrible blind on blind hand.  I find myself in the BB with 10-5 of clubs. It folds to the SB who completes. We are both shallow on around 15bbs each. I check and we see a 10high flop with two clubs. SB leads with a small bet, so I move all in. Instant called and he tables AA. Club on the turn completes my flush another club on the river and his AA contains the A of clubs to spoil my day. I am not sure there is a great deal I can do here as even if I take the cheap turn card the chips go in.  If that had played out in my favour I feel a FT would have been very realistic.

The APAT events I managed to play this year were fun also – The Team event and the Counties. While little luck in both, we did manage to Final table the Counties team, unfortunately falling just short of the money places – Both were really fun weekends!
So, 2020 – what do we have planned? Well, now I am part of the Blue Blood group, it has sparked a bit of motivation. So, all being well, twitch ( https://www.twitch.tv/kanovar/ ), blogging will hopefully pick up and be linked to here.

I have a good number of live events booked in now too, these include:
• APAT Team event, part of Team Blue Blood
• LPPL Festival weekend
• APAT Scotland
• Goliath

Selain poker, untuk tahun ini saya telah mendorong lari dan kebugaran saya. Pada tahun 2019 saya mulai pergi ke taman reguler di kota saya dan menangkap kumannya. Jadi, Anda akan menemukan saya menyelinap lebih awal pada Sabtu pagi saat pergi pada akhir pekan poker saya. Semua baik-baik saja Saya akan melakukan:
• Berbagai balapan 10K
• Maraton Setengah Boston • Lari Setengah Maraton
Leeds • Lari
Great North (Menunggu pengundian surat suara)
• Yorkshire Marathon
Saya akan memberi tahu Anda bagaimana mereka pergi!

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