So we return today for Day 2 of Grosvenor’s National 25/50 event at The Ricoh Arena.

As the only surviving Blueblood player it falls to me to fly the flag for this event.

We start the day on 73,900 chips.

Up & down during levels 11 & 12. But we improve during level 13 when our A10 gets called all in by AQ on the A105  board and we double up.

At the 1st break at the end of level 13 there are 142 players left.
We have 170K
Ave 112K
Level 14 1500/3000/400

At the 2nd Break at end of level 16 there are 87 players left.
I have 188K
Ave is 188K
Steady as she goes…

So we return to level 17. Blinds are 4K/8K/1K when we win a huge pot knocking a player out in the process to leave us with 69 players. So we are the BB with 1 limper. SB folds and we check with J6o, flop is J52, we check, limper bets 32K into a pot of 24K, so we decide to raise it to 82K, players tanks and eventually shoves his last 122K. We call the extra 40K. He tables 9h10h and misses. Leaving us on 371K with an average of 238K.

1949 and we are nearly 7hrs into day 2 when we reach the bubble and go hand for hand.

The bubble bursts at 2025 and we are in the money.

We are midway through level 22 and we are up to 517K blinds are 8K/16K/2K when we call a 3x raise from the button with KcQc flop is 9c10hJs original raiser shoved his whole stack and we snap him off. He turns over AK and hits Q on river to improve to higher straight, leaving us with only 130K.

By the end of level 22 we have won 2 pots including a full double up when my AQ beats AK. and are on 271K Ave is 580K and we have 28 players left.

We recommence after a break at level 23 blinds are 12K/24K/3K and are blinding down as card dead but laddering as others get knocked out.

We finally exit in 19th place when we shove our KQ for 12 BB’s and called by 99 which holds.

We therefore Cash for £1000

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be my year to win the 25/50. But it has been a great experience with very few complaints. Just got unlucky in big pots.

Until next time…






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