Who We Are

Blue Blood Poker is a dedicated team of poker players who support each member, celebrating their successes, improving individual performances, upholding the highest standards of conduct and being respected throughout the poker community.

How to Become a Member

Blue Blood have recruited and will continue to recruit a team of dedicated players who match the Blue Blood profile. We look to build a team of players irrespective of age, sex or ethnic background. We have a Membership Secretary, whose primary tasks are to liaise with existing members and recruit new members. We aim to give training, support & feedback in a friendly environment to all members, which should make poker more enjoyable & profitable.


Blue Blood will provide training opportunities to help all members improve their poker skills. This will be by Training Days (three or four per year) plus online coaching via Skype.


Blue Blood will stake players into events, primarily live events but this could be extended to online events. This will be via tokens earned in the Blue Blood League, Added Value Sit n Go Events and any other events agreed by the Blue Blood Committee.


Blue Blood will continue to have one primary sponsorship partner (Coral) linked to both live venues and an online poker site. This may be supplemented by additional sponsorship arrangements.

Expectations and Conduct of Members

Blue Blood puts a number of expectations on its members. These include always wearing Blue Blood clothing and sponsors patches at live events, attending Blue Blood Training Days, participating in the Blue Blood League, playing in our primary sponsor’s key events and taking a full and active role in Blue Blood activities & organisation. There will be an over-riding expectation that all players maintain their activity levels above the minimum level as detailed in the Activity Matrix.

Blue Blood expects its members to conduct themselves in respectful manner. This includes at the poker table, online and away from the poker tables. Blue Blood expects its players to be honest, courteous and professional towards other Blue Blood members, sponsors and all other poker players.  Please ensure you read the full Code of Conduct here.

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