I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has had a good start to 2020.

The festive period was very kind to me and also proved that my studying is starting to show consistently in my results.

I was very fortunate to have a very understanding wife who let me play far too much poker over the last 4weeks, my results were as follows:

  • I won a re-occurring local club comp for £500
  • I chopped an Essex Xmas cracker at heads-up for £850
  • I came 36th in the Grosvenor Xmas cracker for £380
  • Made a £915 profit at my local club in a cash game.
  • Won another local club Xmas cracker for £900
  • £680 profit in another local club cash game
  • £230 profit in the East Herts cash game

2019 was a good year for me at the tables in general and have had many good results including deep runs in the Goliath, a few final tables in APAT side events and a bracelet in my local club festival.

My poker goals at the start of 2019 were to improve my Hendon Mob standing from the top 10k in the UK down to the top 9k, to win an Essex Home Game event (I consider this game to be of a very good standard) and to win a bracelet in my local club festival (this is also a very good standard with loads of top players who have had good results around the world).

I completed 2 of the 3 which I’m pretty pleased with – I made two EHG final tables but got a bit unlucky and went out in 9th both times. I’m now currently 7,787th in the UK standings and have another bracelet following on from the one I won in 2018.

I also was very proud to captain East Herts at the BCPC team event, the East Herts team event and the APAT Counties during 2019.

All of which we did very well in and were unlucky not to cash or win something – better luck next year, starting with the APAT Team event at DTD at the start of Feb!

Now is probably a good time to set some poker goals for 2020, so here goes:

  • To break into the top 7k within the UK on the Hendon Mob standings
  • To win a Essex Home Game
  • Win an APAT medal
  • To be the first 3 time bracelet winner within my local club festival

In order to achieve my first goal I’ll need to play in casino tournaments on a more regular basis so I’ll try and play all of the deepstacks, 25/25 series, seasonal specials, Goliath and maybe even some GUKPT’s local to me. I also aim to play the APAT Team event, all of the APAT worlds and the APAT counties event.


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