APAT has a wonderful structure and is well suited to my game. I therefore made the trip up to Cardiff for the Welsh Amateur Poker Championship.  With a starting stack of 20,000 chips and a 45 minute clock, I was prepared to play my usual patient game.

The field was largely made up of the locals with a few of the APAT regulars. I was slowly building up my stack with a variety of marginal hands, whilst trying to work out the types of players that were sat at my table. 

I picked up Q10 spades in mid position. A local player raised UTG. I called the raise and we were heads up. The flop came down with all spades. As 3s 4s. My opponent led out and I smooth called his bet. The turn was the Qh. My opponent led out again and I raised his bet by 3x. He called my raise. The river was a brick. My opponent led out again. I did consider raising again but opted to call in case he did have the King high flush. He showed pocket kings with the Ks in his hand.

This took my stack up to 28k. There was a lady on my table who had an unorthodox game. She either limped in pre-flop or would shove all in pre-flop. There was no other form of play. On the fourth occasion of this lady shoving all in, I looked down at pocket kings. Happy Days!! I naturally called the shove and unfortunately for me, she turned over pocket aces. This took half of my stack and I was down to 14,000. 

I struggled to get going again and I then got moved to another table. It was difficult to work out the playing styles of my table and my stack started to diminish. I became aware that the daughter of the lady who took half of my stack with her aces, was on my table. Her daughter subsequently knocked me out when my pocket nines were no good against her AK. Scuppered by a mother and daughter act!!

It was a good day and I had fun. On to the next one.



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