Attending any poker event in the UK always involves travel for me. I set off at 8am to get the train to Edinburgh, to catch the train to Preston where I would catch another before finally arriving at my destination of Blackpool. It was with some trepidation¬† that I approached this weekend. Having played for Scotland it was not my first team competition but I was joining a group of players who I knew only in passing or by reputation. I need not have worried as the “social gathering” arranged by Di for the first afternoon put me at ease. An enjoyable but fruitless run in the Friday night side event, which had me dealing for a while, was a great way to get the poker started. Ironically the best hand I dealt myself all night was QQ and I had to scrap it as I had misdealt due to table balancing.

The main event had me card dead for 6 levels and even when trying to make moves found my opponents hitting their cards. One hand after the dinner break still haunts me and I think it was a good fold but…. 88 in late position, one limper so I raised, maybe it was the excitement of a playable hand that made me go to 3 BB. The blinds fold but the limper calls. Flop comes down rainbow 10 5 4. Limper checks and I bet 2300 with 6K back. Limper shoves for all my stack. I eventually fold. I put him on A, K or Q 10 as he had been quite loose but he tells the table it was 6 7 but didn`t show. Three hands later I miss my open ended straight draw having fired on the flop and the turn and been called. Before I can do anything¬† else I`m moved to another table. It didn`t take long before the blinds and ante started to hurt. I eventually got it all in with AQ only to be called by AK and out I went. Gaining no points for the team.

The Saturday night side event did see my run of luck change as I managed a three way chop for £415 at 3am. Didn`t run well in this until towards the end when the SB shoved on me when I was sitting with AA. To prove that the poker gods do come good sometimes my AQ took out Russo`s AK, much to his displeasure, and he made sure every one he met after heard about it.

I must have used up all my luck on Saturday because even going in ahead I lost every race and eventually went out to a runner, runner flush.

I thoroughly enjoyed my first weekend with Blue Blood Poker, I look forward to the next time and will wear the Blue Blood shirt with pride at my next tournament (not the hoodie though haha).


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