Once again I was in charge of taking a team from East Hertfordshire to a windy Blackpool to compete in the biggest team event in the UK! We travelled up on Friday afternoon and as the designated driver I had the bright idea of introducing ‘yellow car’ to my team in the car!!! After dropping the luggage at our flat for the weekend, downing two drinks, we headed to the casino to meet the mighty Velvet Coaster!! After dinner and a catch up with the gang, we headed over to the casino to play the PLO, after not so great cards and tight folds, it wasn’t meant to be!

I opted for the small sit n gos with Essex Home Game bunch and anyone else who rocked on by! We played plenty of sit n gos! Texas Dolly is my new favourite game because you can play all game and not win a hand, but still have fun!!! Even though it was bed at 4am!!!

We woke up refreshed and raring to go for Day 1 of the main event! The plan was simple….make day 2!!! It was drilled into us all!! I spent the first level dealing….so was unable to keep up with the antics of the team or offer any support to the shortstacks of the group! Members slowly dropped out until there was three of us left! I was getting tired and made a couple of mistakes which unfortunately cost me chips and a place in day 2…..we did however secure points by sneaking 2 players into the points.

We railed the chaps in day 2, but we was going to need a miracle! Both stacks were in the bottom 6 of those who made it through! Unfortunately 26th was our spot…..super proud of those who made it through and congratulations to Team Essex for smashing the team event!! 

Blackpool was a blast!! I cannot wait for the next event!! 


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