Repping Blue Blood this year at the APAT TEAM EVENT in Blackpool left to right were Nic Rawlings, John Burberry, Russo, Danny Strange, myself (Captain), Steve Redfern, Shug Cairne, GiMac. As always this is one of the most looked forward to events of the calendar year.  It’s much more than poker alone, it’s about team spirit, friendships, raising money for charitable causes and having a tipple or two.  The majority of the team arrived Friday afternoon, starting off with 16 plus people having dinner together, followed by dashing across to the casino to register for the first side event of the weekend, which was the PLO, then straight in to the NLH that night.  Danny came 4th in the PLO, great start to the weekend. Saturday was the beginning of the team event.  Unfortunately the majority of us fell by the way side towards the end of Day 1 but GiMac and Nic Rawlings kept the flame alight by making day2. Saturday night another team member made the final table of a NLH side event and agreed a 3 way chop. Congratulations Shug, cashing for £415. Sunday Day2 of the team event both our final players got knocked out relatively early on, we placed 24th overall. Sunday we also had a side event PLO/NLH round of each, where myself and GiMac managed to Final Table.  GiMac went out in 8th and I managed a respectable 3rd place finish for £310. Yet again Danny managed to reach the final table of the NLH game finishing in 6th place. Overall demonstrating what consistently good solid players Blue Blood have.


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