As well as being a member of Blue Blood I am also a member of the Black Country Poker Club which has been running for many years now. As well as our monthly game, the club also has other events and Saturday was the date for our deep stack event. 25k in chips and 40 minute blinds, mean we start the game at 2.30 to ensure it ends before Dawn!. 

As the weather was nice we commenced outside and moved inside at the second break. We had 3 rather full tables but by some strange quirk all 5 Blue Blood members were on the same table, which did make for some interesting situations. 

I continued my current trend of running bad, while being fairly active early doors as this was a re-buy for the first 3 levels. I managed to miss everything and ended up down to 10k with 3 hands until the first break and end of the rebuy period so was ready to gamble, I had to fold the first hand, but looked at pocket 5’s next hand and decided to get it all in. I was called by a fellow Blue Blood’s AJ and managed to hold so happy to come back with 20k after break. Said Blue Blood player was left with 525 and obviously shoved next hand to get 5 callers. One of the callers bet out on the flop and got rid of the rest and they turned the cards over, the all in player had 86 and had hit his 6 but was safely behind and ready to rebuy as the other player was ahead when a 8 hit the flop to give it to the Blue Blood player leaving him with just over £3k to much hilarity.

The £3k was duly sacrificed and a rebuy used.

After the break it was more of the same in terms of managing to miss most boards and an exit in 22 place followed for myself. But another enjoyable day.

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