I’ve just finished my NCT classes (baby school), I now realise what I’ve let my self in for!! I certainly felt like the idiot of the class, i’m sure they stuck me in the PRO class by mistake! Anyway a few good things came of it, one being the teacher told me to get out and do as much as possible pre-baby…..rightly or wrongly I took that as “hit the tables as much as possible!”.

With that in mind my local card school have a mini “APAT” like festival going on in the two weeks leading up to my big meet with the “David The Goliath”! In the CCCOP festival there are a range of games including Win The Button, Irish, Omaha, a 2day three day1 main event and more…

Last Tuesday i played the main which didn’t go too well, I struggled to get anything going, find a hand or spot. Straight after the 1 re-entry period i stuck my pair of 3’s in on a Q37 rain board for 11bigs, got called by the chip lead with two overs and bust out as he got there with runner-runner – I go back and try my luck on Thursday 🙁

The Thursday the game was better and a more playable day1. I managed to have a stress free session and was chipping up nicely, 4 tables down to 3, 3 tables down to 2 – nice. They then announce last 4 hands of the night where normally i’d expect a ship fest with the shorties deeming their stacks too short to come back however this wasn’t the case as everyone had fairly similar stacks.

The penultimate hand comes round where i look down at pocket 10’s, here we go!! The kid that hasn’t raised pre all night wakes up and min raises UTG, I re-click on the button, he takes an age and calls, board comes 228, he checks and I bet 12k to cover his stack, he thinks for a good 3/4mins, goes to fold, looks up at his dad who is sitting next to me, to my disgust he was sitting there nodding and mouthing “GET IT IN” – really? He then calls and the board bricked out, I was happy with the result but certainly not happy with the father/son in-play coaching. It would’ve looked super weak if i’d have brought it up in the middle of the hand, I didn’t want to cause a scene so I decided to bring it up with the owner.  We bagged up 71,300 (44bigs) ready for Thursdays onslaught, 26players made it through across the three day1’s, we have the 6th biggest stack 🙂

On Tuesday I enter the Irish/NLHE Championship which was for a bracelet up top. I forget how good Irish is as there isn’t many places that play it regular enough. We made the final table with a AVG stack, it was quickly down to 6 who all make the money. There were a few more all ins and we make the final 4, at this point we all have fairly similar sizes and decide to do a chop and play on for the bracelet. One more went out, I then look down at JJ1010 on the button 3 handed, I pot, small blind pots and we get it in. The board comes 832, i throw 1010, I table JJ and he tables AA and we don’t improve 🙁 It turns out he had AAQQ so there was no getting away from that so therefore I put it down to a cooler!

Some good prep ready for the Goliath, Win Button tonight, the Main event final tomorrow and Omaha on Friday before heading up to Meet “David” on Saturday and Vegas100 on Sunday! Yes!! The only way I’ll be able to go Vegas in the next couple of years is to win a trip – Anyone hears of a Vegas comp mentioned please do let me know? haha



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