The Grosvener Deepstack in Dundee Day 1C started off with disappointingly only 2 tables although it did increase to four as late arrivals boosted the initial 17 runners. Normally a tournament like this is well supported with most tables being occupied. The small number of entrants meant that all three Blue Blood members, Di, GiMac and myself were on the same table

Di played two hands in the first 30 min lost the first to Gmac  then won big with the second one

I won 3K, hitting set of 2s on flop and two betting into me

Gmac causes the floor to be called in the second level. Insisting the other guy in hand shows cards first. He won the hand with KK on an A high board.

Di then wins a big pot with QQ on an A high board with three others in the hand. These guys are doing well to avoid rag aces.

Took 2K from Gmac with pocket 5s hitting my set on the flop, he didn’t look convinced but folded on the turn. Up to 35K.

Sitting with pocket 10s I raise preflop and get two callers. On a 633 flop, 2 diamonds. I bet and one opponent pushes all in and I think then call. He has KQ diamonds . I hit a 10 on turn so no longer sweating a flush and up to 57K. Di gets moved Table

End of level 8 and we are all still in and Di has been moved back to our table

Gmac puts his life on the line preflop with 6 7 off against KK and he hits two pair and survives

He does the same again with 8 7 suited and he doubles up again

Raise by Gmac, reraise to 10K, a call and I shove for 55K with AK suited, Gmac folds(JJ) one caller QQ, I hit my Ace on the flop and I am now on 130K.

All three Blue Blood members and my brother, Sandy, make it to the final table. I have around 150K Gordon around 70K and Di is most at risk with 25K, blinds are 1500/3000 with BB ante of 3000.

Di raises with almost all her stack, 800 back just to be difficult, My brother reraises and she snap calls. Di has 99 and Sandy has A 10. A 10 on the flop and its goodbye Di.

Three hands left to play and I`m on the BB. The button raises, which he has been doing regularly since we sat down at the final table and I reraise with 6 7 off. He calls and flop is 7,8,9. He bets I call. Turn is a 4, he bets and I shove all in. He tanks for 5 minutes and eventually calls showing AA. I miss my draw and its goodbye Shug. In retrospect I maybe should not have been in the hand and just have been content with the chips I had for day 2

GiMac makes it to Day 2 and 15 minutes in he shoves with 77 only to be called by the guy who knocked me out, who has, would you credit it, AA. Ace on the flop removes any chance and that’s all three of us missing the money.

My Brother, Sandy, shoves with 77 gets called by AQ and the Q hits so he is out in 18th, 7 short of the money. So I get nothing for my 10% in him and owe him £10 for last longer bet. 

The only good news for me is that I satellited in online, with money won from Blackpool reunion tournament, so I was free rolling.

Next time though….


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