As of this year the monthly EHG is a permanent fixture in my poker calendar due to the good standard of play and the great people/atmosphere every time I’ve previously been . Quite a few Blue Blood guys and gals regularly attend (Dawn, Gary, Lisa, Shirley and Tom) so it’s always good to catch-up with everyone and play some good poker. The first time I went I finished 2nd and that’s still the best I’ve done in 5 visits – On the back of that I’ve set a target to win one of them before the end of the year (don’t know if that’s realistic or not but that’s what I’m going with). The last 3 times I’ve annoyingly finished on the final table bubble, even more annoyingly I’ve got my chips in ahead and been out drawn each time for decent sized stacks. 1010 vs 55 last month, in pre and the board comes 55Q on the flop – death by quads is probably the best way to go out in fairness as it doesn’t give you that false sense of hope!

This month was going well at the beginning picking up chips and seeing flops where I could. I got up to a decent sized stack and then never picked up another hand until level 6 with 13 left, I picked up KK in the BB, UTG+2 ships his 20k stack into my 14k stack everyone else folds, I snap. He announces “I’m trouble” I flip KK over and sure enough he was in trouble as he turns over 33. The board comes Q3Q, yet again I narrowly miss the final table with a decent stack and bad play gets rewarded. I think it was 1985 since i hit a set on the flop in an all in situation 🙁 I really have no idea what my opponent was thinking when shipping that sort of stack into me, it’s normally the type of play I’d like to be up against however it still leaves a sour taste! Anyways onto next month in order to pick up that elusive win 🙂

The cash games are always good fun too and I normally do well as well as learning some new games. This month we played Deuces Wild, Texas Dolly, 6 card PLO, 7Deuce Triple Draw, 5card Stud and Irish – Time for me to think up another game ready for next month……….NLHE short deck 2 through 7 dice decision, anyone?


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