On Saturday about midday I took my wife and the dog out for lunch which was really nice. We then came back home to chill out, how wrong could we have been! My wife opened the door to about 20 women and 100 balloons….apparently it was her surprise baby shower!! It then took me all of 30secs to greet people and then get the hell out of there!!

Right, so what to do on glorious day of sunshine and no plans, only one thing for it, hit up the nearest casino! I got there just before the France Vs Argentina game which was superb, had something to eat and then signed up for their £3k GTD Saturday evening comp.

In the first session I was was minding my own business, profited from some monster hands and found myself at the first break with 42k which was double the avg 🙂 The second session was going rather nicely too, chipping up well, picking my spots, then…..on the wrong end of two house over house situations i find myself which a short stack – damn it!! We then treble and double straight after with 10’s and AK suited which puts us back to a decent above avg stack – nice! A level later i pick up As7s in the big, one raise and two callers, so we see a flop…..6s8s9s…nice, we have the nut flush with the up/down SF draw….how can this go wrong? We check, raiser C-Bets, someone jams for about half my stack, i take an age to decide before calling and the raiser folds – sigh (all that acting from Zilch), he flips two pair….oh, now i can see how this can wrong! The board pairs on the river and we are back down to a below average stack!!! We then play the rest of the session with a slightly below avg stack and reach the next break with 62k, avg 77k, 21 still in and 13 get paid. We make the money fairly quickly after a deal was done for the bubble, nice now we can play from here on a free day, some decent football in the background and some up/down poker (secretly i had already won due to not spending the day with 20 cackling ladies!). Quickly it gets down to one out before the final table, I look down at Aces on the button, someone shoves, we knock them out and are now sitting on 323k avg is 185k – happy days. I then go onto to win the first three hands of the final table knocking out as many people, we become “Chippy” the chip leader and start applying pressure to everyone at the table. I then take a short stack out after he pretty much blinded himself, so we are now down to 4 players and have half of the chips in plays. One more short stack gets knocked out by 3rd in chips and then the weirdest thing of the whole day happens!! One of them suggests a chop of the prizepool and the LPS as we were are in it, basically i knock £180 off first place money but in addition take the LPS of £80 and a voucher for £40 and they will chop the rest…..So lets get this straight….for £60 less than first place money I get to go to bed early?….DEAL!!!!

Some good prep for the Goliath where i’m looking forward to seeing you all (on the proviso that the Mrs doesn’t drop first)! 🙂


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