Genting casino Sheffield 4th January 2020

I finally cash after 7 weeks solid of running garbage. Ground it out all the way tonight 🙂

So we have a 12k starting stack 

£10 entry £5 reg fee and a £10 add on at break.

Re buy Texas holdem tournament. 

I sit down at the table 45 minutes into the game. My friend asks me what I’m doing here for this comp? I say the casino is a more present to play bingo than my working mans club! As usual I observe the table and look to see who is passive and who is aggressive etc… I love to study the table and it feels so good when you pick up on someones tell!


I’m winning small pots and my hands are holding 😍 so its looking good. I have aces in BB and I min raise and we go to the flop 3 handed. The cards are good to me and they hold. A little later I pick up aces again, I min raise from cut off however everyone folds. Finally feels nice to have some luck on My side.

After a while I pick up 4♣️5♣️ on button it has been some time since I have cards to play. BB and high jack limp and I limp. Flop comes A, ♦️5❤️5♠️ it checks round to me and I check. Turn is 4♠️ BB bets and high jack folds, I call and the river is a brick. Checks to me and I push he calls with A♠️ 7 ❤️ boom!!! nice little double up! I then move tables, blinds are going up fast and then I go card dead for a while which isn’t ideal. I go down to 13 bigs and push with AKo, WOW the flop comes AK and turn is a K cheers, ta, I’ll take that.

Before i know it I’m now on the FT and I’m in the money but need a treble up as the avg is well beyond me 😫 I’m down to just over six bigs. I’m in the SB with 33 and we go to the flop 2 handed. Flop comes 3♠️ A♦️j ♠️ yikes!! I  push and he calls with A♠️ 5❤️ I don’t like that ace of spades. Turns a ♠️ and few the river is a ❤️ the poker gods still with me. I win a few more pots but I’m still short.


Blinds are big and I’m shortest stack on table. I have AK and only 6 bigs, blinds are 5/10k I push and get called by SB and he turns over 5❤️6❤️ flop A❤️ then turn a heart 😱 and rivers a ♣️ – BOOM!!

I’m now in BB with J♦️4♣️ I flop two pair and there is a raise from an aggressive player in middle position, a call from button who is also aggressive player and I call. Turns a scary card and puts a flush out there. I don’t put them on the flush I bet and they both call. I check river and they check back and both players turn over j 9 off they only have pair of nines 😂 ship it.

I’m on button with 44 and only have 100k, the blinds are 8k/16k ante 16k. I push and get called by pockets 55s 🤷‍♀️ yes, I had luck until now but oh well at least I came 5th and got £90 for my troubles. A small payout is better than no payout. Also I did better than my last FT when I came 8th and bubbled so overall i’m pleased with my run 🙂


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