I’ve figured I’m now at the stage of the life where the only way I’ll get to go to my favourite place Las Vegas for a week or two playing cards is by winning a trip! With this in mind I’ve given the Redtooth Regionals a good go over the last few years but have come up just short a few times with 2 x 2nd place finishes, 14th and 12th…..hopefully this time LUCKY!

The day didn’t start off the greatest as my wife and I took our son to “Messy Play” in Stevenage which was great fun however we all got covered in gunk and was running a bit late. I got to the casino about 20mins late, find my seat only for fellow BB member Lisa Greer to be dealing/playing my table. My first hand in I was on the button, half the table calls, we have J9 on the button and limp in. The flop comes 7102, bb raises 300 into a 2k pot, one other calls and we call, turn 3, bb makes another 300 bet, we both call again and then an 8 comes on the turn giving us the nut straight, bb raises to (you’ve guested it!) 300, the other person calls, we make a pot sized bet, bb folds and the other person calls with top pair…happy days….we can already see what kind of day this is going to be!

A few hands later I get Q10dd, it limps round to me I make it 500, sb calls, then a limper makes it 1000 with some unbelievable live tells (I was 110% convinced he had AA), I call and the sb calls. flop comes QQ4, the raiser bets 1500, I call and the sb calls, turn comes another 4, raiser bets 1500 again and I go all in, sb folds and after me telling the raiser I don’t want him to call as he will hit an Ace on the river he calls….it bricks out and we knock out our first player of the day!

The rest of the day was pretty plain sailing up until the final two tables as I chipped up nicely by picking spots. We then get a national final seat as there was 14 left and at that point I was chip leader but not by much. I then have three hands back to back to back where the short stack was all in and I call off ahead but came unstuck every time πŸ™ It left me with 124k with blinds at this point 10k/20k, I look down at KQ on the button after a utg min raise by the chip leader who had been raising light all day, we get it in and he calls of with AJ, the flop came J high, we don’t improve and head for the exit in 11th πŸ™

All in all a good days poker and another chance for a Vegas package in Oct πŸ™‚


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