Resorts World 26th May


£27+6+2 for 25k chips. 25 minute levels. £2k guaranteed

Arrive at the start of level 4. 3 levels to the end of rebuy period.

Young aggro kid to my right – lots of chips

Level 4: blinds are 150/300. I have  83bb.

How am I playing today?


Double up kk v ak against aggro kid who wants to play every hand.

Level 6: blinds are 300/600. I have  51600, 86 big blinds

Ak v aq and my king holds. Up to 65800.

70100 at the break

Level 7: blinds are 400/800/800. I have  68900, 86bb

75 entries + 30 re-enters in total. £2,835 collected.

Lose the minimum with 1010 (kk v qq)

Level 8: blinds are 600/1200/1200 I have 59000, 49bb. Average is 36000.

Level 9: blinds are 800/1600/1600 I have 52300, 32 bbs

Up to 68k with 88. Raise on the flop of 8104 with a set and guy folds qq face up… gasps of disbelief on the table as no one could have found a fold there… he put me on kings apparently. I showed the set to put him out of his misery/advertise…

Lose 13k bluffing with j5

Level 10: blinds are 1000/2000/1000. I have 51300, 25bb

You’ve got to be there at the end…

Level 11: blinds are 1500/3000/3000. I have 33200, 11bb

39200 at the break.

Double up 1010 v aq

Lose 43k with kk v a8 – he’s flopped a set. Aggro kid folded kq and I lost one out there.

Down to 42k

Up to 73k q7 v 26 airfare to the short stack. I’d raised in position and was committed…

Blinds are 3000/6000/6000

I have 94k with a steal

Level 14: 4000/8000/8000

95k at 6000/12000/12000

Double with 10j v kk. 2 pair on the river up to 215k. This is where I got very lucky. Karma for my kk losing earlier.

Level 16: 8000/16000/16000. I have 160k

Final table. I have 8 bbs. 7 minutes in to level 16. 9 players, 8 paid.

1st is £898. 8th £100.

One player who was second chip leader refuses to do a deal for a 9th place £50 saver. If his objective was to wind everyone up he succeeded…

Short stack trebles up leaving me as the short stack with 6bbs.  I get to 8th after a push with 77 from a medium stack called by the guy who didn’t want to do a deal with a10dd. Flush hits on the river.

I push next hand with 5bbs with j7, get called by the bb with k10 and board runs out 58qjk and I head towards the car park with £100.

My thoughts on the way home turn to Vegas. If I can get the luck I had today (primarily the 10j shove) then I stand a chance in Vegas…

As an aside, the aggro kid to my right, who had 15% of the chips in play at the end of level 11 didn’t make it to two table set-up… you can get lucky and play every hand aggressively as your luck always runs out… he’d be a great player if he could control his aggression.


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