And we are off!!!


Action fast and frantic, we peel raise with 35 from SB, flop A24 with 2xS. We lead into 4 players and get one caller, turn Qh, we jam and Bb snap calls with A4 and we hold!!

2 hands later we raise from cutoff with 77 shortie jams with A4 we hold again.

Next hand we raise with 7h3h button calls. Flop J93, check check, turn A, check check, river 4, we chack and button now bets, makes no sense i put him on KQ or QT type hands and call, he has QT, pwned sir!!up to 40k from 15k starting stack.

With an hour of late reg left there is a $55k overlay!!!

37650 at end of level 8, blinds 400/800/100 when we go back average is 26k



Raise with AQ, flop comes Q73 rainbow. Guy check jams on my cbet, we call, he has K9, turn K, sigh. Now down to ten bigs.

Break level 12. Up to 30k blinds 1k/2k/300 when we go back though, so some run good needed.

114 left and 45 make the money today, $165k up top.

I 3bet jam 78dd guy calls with AQ flop 457 turn 8 river 6 sigh Chop pot

83 left and bumping along stealing blinds to survive.

Big double up!!! KK holds vs AK and we have 71k, 73 left

Up to 120k with 69 left

58 left

As players start to tighten up nearing the money bubble its time to attack!

166k with 53 left

210k with 50 left

Just made sickest fold!!! Blinds 2k/4k. Utg limps, we limp mid with A2hh, cutoff limps, button limps, blinds make up. Flop 734 with 2 hearts, BB leads for 5k, we call, cutoff calls, turn As, Bb checks we bet 16k, cutoff calls, BB calls, river 5d, BB leads for 45k, we tank fold, cutoff calls, they have K6 and A6 for higher straight. 180k with 49 left.

48 left

47 left

Bubble time!!!


235k with 44 left. We are playing down to 23 players today and av stack will be 300k at day end.

ladder! 40 left

Sigh QQ<AQ aipf and she turns A, down to 120k

Aaaaggghhhhh! 4 hands later they chop my table and 2nd hand on new table get QQ vs AQ again only for them to hit Ace on the river. Crippled to 2 bigs.

Guy raises, guy jams l, we call blind AK vs T4 we flop 4 and river straight up to 56k

Next hand 3 bet jam A7 vs 22 we hit A back to 130k, back in the game!!!

32 left

ladder 30 left

We fina AJcc and jam our remaining 10 bigs but we run into AK and lose.



29th for $950





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