When is it correct etiquette to cash out?!

One place I love to spend time playing poker, is Stockton-on-Tees.  I find the people warm, welcoming and “salt of the earth”. 

After a weekend of playing the Deepstack and slow playing a full house (Queens over Tens) then being rivered by a Royal Flush – What a way to get virtually knocked out! I then finally run AKdd into Kings for the final nail in the coffin.

Tonight (Monday) I was at a loose end was told there was a deep PLO 2/2 with regular players going on. So I sat down with my massive £100 (50bigs) whilst the average is £500 plus,  Straddles all over the place, I keep my nerve and play. Within 30 minutes I have tripled my money and then some – bink 🙂  

I’m now sitting with just over £350 and bleeding my blinds away.  The question running through my head is “I wonder is how long should I sit here before getting up and cashing out?”  Some might say, stay and ride the wave but to each of us the profit we make and walk away with in our pockets varies.


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