1. WPT 500 ARIA £1,000,000 Guarantee Day 1A

    Arriving yesterday afternoon in Vegas, I never tire of this place, even after 14 years. It starts 40 minutes prior to arrival with a window seat on the left of the plane looking out over the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam and the last 5 minutes as we descend seeing the mesmerising site of the Strip.

    As you exit the airport you are hit by the dry heat and the excitement of the tourists. Hopping in to a taxi and heading to my usual hotel of choice the Flamingo. It’s not the swankiest of hotels, but the poker room staff are friendly and for a person travelling alone is central to the Strip and cost effective. Also having a Platinum Total Rewards Card has its perks by avoiding the queues at checkin. 😜

    Apologies, back to Poker – So prior to arriving I plan in advance my poker schedule, researching the best Tournaments value wise and within a budget that works for me and my backers. Today I will be firing 1 bullet in the WPT 1 mill guarantee at the Aria. $560 for 20k starting stack, I’m not sure if I’m a fan of the new structure and playing until we reach 5% of the field on day 1 plus BB anti from level 2, 30 minute clock.

    My intention for today is to be patient, mind set to be more aggressive and use my position. looking to end day 1 with above average chip stack.

    I’m hoping that wifi is available and that I can keep on blogging and updating. Pics as well fingers crossed.


it was certainly an eventful flight 1A.  With a slow start I eventually found my footing with a couple of glasses of Baileys and  built a stack of 36k when the average was around 28k.  Players skill level was that of a mixed bag but luckily no-one of pro level on my table phew.

Unfortunately my table broke twice in quick succession which doesn’t help the flow of play and I had 2 premium hands cracked back to back due to a player being on tilt from a previous hand and then Queens being cracked.  But I fought back over many levels determined to make the top 5% to day 2 (10 go through, 24 get paid day 1).  Not sure I actually like this concept as it led to far more risk taking as the blinds became so steep with BB anti equal to the Blind. Also players can get paid for every flight they play plus take the larg st stack to day 2. Eventually Lady Luck ran out when only 38 players left.  I raised preflop on the button with AQ and BB calls, flop Q X X , 2 diamonds.  He checks and I shove, he has A2 of diamonds and turn a diamond,  hand I suppose played itself.  In hindsight I could have jammed preflop but then I wanted a caller!!!!! 

Positives from today, met some amazing characters and the kindness of a young player who gave me his poker hat.  Plenty of laughter and banter.  On to the next tourney tomorrow.  Watch this space.


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